Business Travelers Beware

According to the FBI, hotel internet connections present a new cyber risk.  The FBI, together with the National White Collar Crime Center (NW3C), has released a report alerting travelers about malware infections on devices connected to hotel Internet services. Cyber criminals are targeting travelers abroad with malware infections through pop-up windows. The windows appear when they connect to the Internet using the hotel's connection service.

Laptop and other Wi-Fi device users have experienced pop-up windows informing them that an update of well-known software is available to them. When the user clicks on the pop-up to accept and install the update, a malicious software program is installed.

The FBI is suggesting that travelers take special care when updating software through hotel Internet connections. If possible, travelers should complete all software updates before travel or go directly to the software company's website for updates if necessary while traveling.

Michael Coney for Network World "FBI issues warning on hotel internet connections," (July 2, 2012).

The Federal Trade Commission's Bureau of Consumer Protection offers these additional tips to help business travelers keep employer equipment and data safe:

1. Discourage employees from using shortcuts for passwords and access codes or keeping written passwords with their laptop.

2. Have employees remove unnecessary company data from  their laptop before traveling.
3. Employees should avoid working on confidential files in close-quarters such as airplane seats.
4. Require your employees to have up-to-date firewall, anti-spyware protection, and the latest security patches on the devices they take with them on business trips.
5. Establish policies for regulating off-site access to sensitive data.
6. Implement a security response plan. Make sure employees who travel understand the importance of reporting a security breach to limit risk.

Source: ChubbWorks
Submitted by John Forsyth, Commercial Insurance Producer