Customers for Life!

Prospecting is short term, but maintaining the account, continually meeting your commitments and exceeding expectations is the way to success.  There is a fine line between selling and servicing.  Selling and servicing are not independent variables.  Instead, they are two sides of the same coin—one drives the other and each is of equal importance.                    

Develop Lifetime Relationships With Your Customers Facts:                                                                                            

1.  Your customers are aggressively prospected.    

2.  Their loyalty cannot be taken for granted.                         

3.  Relationship building and follow-on service promotes customer retention and growth.

Customers describe quality service:                                         

1.  In terms of attention to detail.                                               

2.  In terms of responsiveness. 

Top two customer complaints:                                            

1.  Unreturned phone calls and e-mails.                                 

2.  Failure to keep promises and commitments.

Lyndon Johnson once pointed out, “It’s easier to throw a grenade than to catch it.” Likewise, it is hard work to earn the right to sell to your customer, but it is harder work to earn the right to sell them more.
~ source - Some excerpts printed from John Boe's Web Page