David and Gerrie Carpenter

We don't usually respond to questionnaires but we wanted to express our regard for Scott Lamb and the professional manner with which he conducted himself during what was a long process to find a buyer for our property.

We wasted a year on the first realtor who priced our property way above the market. We are like most people-we don't sell real estate very often and rely on a professional to guide us through the process and to be honest. Scott Lamb told us that Waldo Real Estate didn't take clients who would not price their property at the current market value. We liked that straight-forward approach and believed that potential buyers would too.

Everyone has experienced sales people who are phony and playing games - that didn't happen here. If you like back slapping and hot air then this is not where you want to be. Also if you want someone to hold your hand with constant reassurances then this is not your guy. Scott communicated with us when he had something to report; we trusted him and knew he was working on our behalf and we left him alone to work.

Scott was the one who suggested we try the lease-purchase option when we weren't gettign any interest and that is how we ultimately found a buyer. Our rural location wasn't an easy property to sell even in a good market but Scott stuck with us and kept trying.

We live 6 hours away from this property and that presented challenges to completing the details of the sale. Scott went above and beyond on more than one occasion to help us out and save us a trip. Scott Lamb was the person we dealt with directly but we recognize that his performance was enhanced by other in the company.