Tonna Showcraft

I first met Scott Lamb and Dee Anne Mossman with Waldo Real Estate in February 2010. I had just recently been burned on a "for sale by owner" deal, and I had called to look at a house they had listed in Ontario. We immediately got along, and I felt very comfortable while they showed me their listing ( even though the house itself left us all with a bad "taste"). I was originally not going to use an agent to help me in purchasing a home. After I met with Scott and Dee Anne, I had looked at a few more houses and in the process met a few more agents. I finally decided that Dee Anne and I had similar personalities and I really enjoyed working with her. I called Waldos and asked her if she would like to be my agent and help me. Dee Anne was sincerely concerned about my needs and what I wanted in a home for my family. All the while keeping my financial concerns in mind. Since the purchase of my home in October, Waldo Real Estate has been there to help every step along the way. I consider Dee Anne a good and close friend that I would recommend to everyone.