What Happens to Your “Digital Assets” After You Die?

When most people think about bequeathing their belongings, it’s the obvious: the house, the car, bank accounts, and the family mementos. But what about our online stuff? Go through a day and think about how many things you do on the internet. What happens to that virtual life when real life ends said Amy Holloran, a Sacramento estate planning attorney.


Vicarious liability can add new meaning to the term special relationship and cause the accused party to feel anything but special. These special relationships can exist between husbands and wives, and parents and children. In a business setting, vicarious liability typically occurs within the construct of an employer-employee relationship.

5 Ways to Course-Correct When Your House Hunt Takes Too Long

Some people have home-finding stories that are the real estate equivalent of the skywritten marriage proposal tales. They drove by their dream home, knocked on the front door and the elderly owner offered it to them for a song. However, most recent home buyers have tales on the other end of the charming-and-easy spectrum; tales of year-long house hunts and fruitless offer after fruitless offer, followed by a nerve-wracking, hair-pulling, interminable negotiation with the bank are much more typical. 

If you've been in the market for a home for what seems like a very long time to no avail, here are five strategies for getting things back on track.

Better Mortgage Rates Start With Better FICO Scores

If you plan to use a mortgage for your next home purchase, you’ll want to keep your credit scores as high as possible. Credit scores play an out-sized role in determining for which mortgage product you’ll qualify, and to which rate you’ll be assigned by your lender.

The higher your credit score, the lower your mortgage rate will be.

What Is A Credit Score?

History has shown that the best way to predict a person’s behavior over the near-term future is to look at that person’s behavior in the recent past. It’s a concept similar to the First Rule of Physics — an object in motion tends to stay in motion.

We can apply this theory to consumer credit, too. A person who has recently paid his bills on-time should continue to pay his bills on-time in the near-future.

This is the basis of credit scoring; using your past to predict your future.

5 Credit Myths - BUSTED!

When it comes to credit, sometimes the largest challenge is the most difficult to surmount: we simply don’t know what we don’t know, so our assumptions and inaccurate beliefs run wild and free through our mental real est

5 Home Improvement Projects that Will Get You Top Dollar For Your Home

It’s a highly competitive market for home sellers right now. More homes to compete with means that the impression your homes makes - from the curb, and on the inside - matter now more than ever. You can increase your chances of selling faster - and at today’s top dollar - by investing in a select few home improvement projects that have been shown to make a big impact on buyers.

Bad news alert: it might cost you a little time, effort and cash.  The good news, though, is that the best projects for quickly increasing your home’s resale value tend to be cosmetic and fairly simple and inexpensive to do. Here are five projects with big-time return on investment for home sellers-to-be, in terms of their power to attract buyers, and to attract dollars from those buyers.

4 Need-to-Knows for Buying and Selling Homes at the Same Time

Once upon a home, buying a home was as simple as saving some dough, spending a couple of weekends visiting Open Houses and writing up a contract. The time frame from house hunt to move-in was a couple of months, max. These days, super-tight mortgage guidelines, market concerns, distressed sales and appraisal dramas complicate and prolong both buying and selling.  

Tips for Saving on Home Energy Use

Recent bumps in the economic recovery and higher gas prices are putting a dent in plans for summer vacations this year. A recent survey found fewer than 50 percent of business owners plan to take a vacation this year, down from more than 60 percent last summer. Finding extra money to take that much-needed break is possible if you use the right strategies.

One way is by reducing energy costs. Begin by looking around your home. You will need to make a small investment in improving the energy-efficiency of your home, but in the long run it will pay dividends. Many local utility companies will do an energy audit on your home for little or no cost. Start by calling them. Or visit and click on Your Home for tips on energy assessments.


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